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Only real devices provide a platform to test real user experiences. Given the rise in mobile use, companies and brands are turning more and more towards developing mobile applications and launching them into the market for consumers. However, the sheer number of possible mobile configurations can present a challenge for developers of these applications. Ensuring that an app works well on a large number of devices is crucial to avoid bugs and frustrated users.

Although most of these things could be caught on emulators too but battery drain is a serious issue that is almost impossible to catch on a simulator or emulator. Real devices provide real environment and that’s the biggest advantage of using real devices for the testing purposes. By using a real device, developer or tester can see the exact behavior of the app which end user would see on his device. Any worthy test automation solution has to precisely target a broad range of mobile operating systems and hardware devices.

Most developers agree that some combination of simulation/emulation and real devices is best for testing. Because there was no easy way to connect a physical mobile device to my lab environment, I was forced to use an emulator for testing. In this particular case, the emulator ended up being a far better option, even though physical devices were available. That said, it is important to keep two factors in mind regarding physical devices.

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Android Studio is a common platform to develop android applications. The programmer can create an emulator which appears similar to a real phone and he can execute the developed apps using that emulator. Therefore, it is not compulsory to use an exact phone to test the application. The emulator works as the real phone to check the applications.

The biggest disadvantage of using real devices for testing purposes also make it extremely difficult and expensive for developers to use them as testing platform. There are thousands of different models of Android devices and testing on multiple models is not only frustrating and time consuming but also expensive. Sometimes, because of the inefficient code or some other reason, the app uses excessive amount of resources like battery power, CPU, GPU and RAM.

Parallel testing enables your team to release more frequently. Today, it’s truly possible to automatically test many multiple virtual devices. Since there are thousands of mobile devices-OS combinations, thorough real-device testing is a daunting prospect. Also, it’s difficult to get a device that is only available in other countries.

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There is no better validation than deploying and testing on an actual device. You get actual usage and see the interactions as the user will experience them. The app performs on a specific OS version—running on real hardware. With proper coverage, you’ll engage with all factors that may induce a fault or anomaly. There is a distinct difference between emulator and simulator although many people use these words interchangeably.