There is an unlimited version of Driver Booster that is free, but there is also a free version that lets you install up to two drivers per day. AVG has earned a solid reputation when it comes to helping your PC run well. Its driver updater scans over half a million drivers to optimize your system. AVG has worked with over 100 major brands, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, Intel, and AMD. Drivers help your PC maximize its performance and work with various hardware components. Windows 10 does a good job when it comes to managing driver updates, but there are times when it’s worth considering a third-party tool.

  • You can also search for any software from the search bar and download it in just a click.
  • It also shows many popular software in its popular tab from where you can download the suggested software.
  • Information like file size and installation date of software are also available in uninstaller section.
  • This software updater is also capable of scanning and downloading Windows updates.

Patch My PC obviously has a more limited range than SUMo, and its usefulness will depend on the software you have installed. The major drawback becomes apparent when you select a program and click Get Update. This takes you to KC Softwares’ website, which tries to sell you SUMo Pro.

Just select the Recommendation Canon pixma mg2520 driver category in the sidebar. The first port of call you should go to when it comes to managing drivers is the built-in setup available through Windows 10. This might cover your needs just fine and won’t cost you anything extra. If you do, however, have specific hardware that needs a driver updater, there are some excellent options in this collection. This piece of software can automatically scan and identify out of date, missing, or faulty drivers. It has a silent mode, so it won’t interrupt you when a window is in full screen.

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If you have a PC setup that isn’t very common, or you want to ensure that you have the latest drivers, read through the tools on this list. Software Update Monitor has a history of aggressively promoting the software it comes bundled with. Still, this policy seems to have mellowed down and now, if you pay a lot of attention when you are installing it, you can simply choose to not let it install any other software.

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The problem with older versions of this program and the unwanted software called Relevant Knowledge seems to be solved and you can now install SUMo without any headaches. When choosing to do automated installations of updates , pay attention to the applications for which you allow this. You will get silent installations using the default options. This means that you can get additional unwanted software installed on your computer, together with the update. It is best to use this feature only for applications which do not bundle things you do not want.

maybe i missed it because i cant get myself on that level of softwash to get my (non-essential) software updated automatically, esp when new versions arent necessarily the better versions . mho software updates should be always done manually with a proper check of feature changes beforehand. If you use the online version, it will verify your drivers and only downloads what you select to install. You may select one or multiple applications that you want to install. Note that installation dialogs are displayed and that you need to be careful as some programs may make system changes unless you select custom installation in the dialog. IObit Software Updater includes options to install programs on Windows devices.

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In theory, if a program is provided by a large website with downloads for almost every piece of software you can think of, it should have the biggest update detection rate. If the monitoring programs are able to run during Windows Startup and scan automatically for updates. I was looking for a software updates checker but never found something that could satisfy my needs. Some were very handy, with a large database but they had poor features or user interface.